Crafting a Legacy: The Story of Barcon Getta and its Visionary Founder

Crafting a Legacy: The Story of Barcon Getta and its Visionary Founder

Have you ever stopped to think about the story behind the shoes on your feet? At Barcon Getta, our shoes aren't just made of leather and stitching - they're crafted with a legacy in mind.

Meet Russom Haile Woldemichael, the founder and owner of Barcon Getta. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Russom's life was turned upside down by a brutal war that scattered his family across the continent. He and his brother eventually made their way to Johannesburg, South Africa, where they faced the harsh reality of life as undocumented immigrants.

But Russom wasn't one to give up easily. He and his brother turned to the streets to make a living, flipping small items to tourists in back alleys. This experience taught Russom the ins and outs of business, and he quickly learned the value of hard work and determination. Fast forward to 2004, and Russom and his brother find themselves in Canada, where they finally feel like they're on solid ground. Russom works as a taxi driver, a job that may not be glamorous but provides the opportunity for market research. He starts chatting with well-dressed passengers about fashion and begins to notice a gap in the market for luxury leather goods.

And that's how Barcon Getta was born.

But Russom's journey didn't end there. Along the way, he discovered that Africa is full of resources and he starts to think about exploring it more. He decides to source his premium leather from Ethiopian tanneries, giving back to the community and culture that helped shape him into the man he is today. At Barcon Getta, we believe that passion and purpose go hand in hand. That's why every step of our process, from sourcing the leather to designing the shoes, is infused with a sense of purpose. And despite all the hardships Russom faced, he still considers himself lucky - a luck he's determined to share with the world through his shoes. So next time you slip on a pair of Barcon Getta shoes, remember the inspiring story behind them. You're not just wearing a pair of shoes, you're wearing a piece of Russom's legacy.

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